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Imagine data and analytics solutions seamlessly integrated with decision-making processes, powered by the latest cloud, BI, and AI technology. Welcome to our world!

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Fostering Data-Driven Organizations

We help grow your business as a data-driven organization, process large amounts of data in real-time, predict customer behavior, and much more. Only you know the end to it.

Predictive &

Go beyond descriptive analytics and look into the future with forecasting and predictive analytics.

Acceleration &
Competitive Edge

Accelerate your time-to-market and gain a competitive edge with agile data processing.

Security &

Rest easy knowing your data and AI solutions are secure and compliant, with scalability in mind.


Store, Collect, and
Manage All Your Data

Our Modern Data Platform seamlessly handles data of any format, structure, or size, secures and complies with regulations, and scales infinitely. We tailor it to your business needs and are ready to launch in weeks.


Visualize and Tell the Story of your Data

Empower your organization to extract actionable insights from vast datasets. Our industry-proven Business Intelligence tools and specialists transform complex data into compelling visual narratives that resonate with your team and drive informed decision-making.


Enable and
Democratize AI

Collect all things AI in a secure, efficient, compliant AI Landing Zone and unleash its full potential across your organization. Built on RAG architecture, it guarantees unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and adaptability for your GenAI applications.


Intelligent Data Storage.
Actionable Insights.
AI Enablement.

Our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers your business to gain a competitive advantage, drive profits, and become truly data-driven.

Modern Data Platform

Data architecture that can import data from multiple sources, secure and comply with it, and scale it, enabling infinite use cases, and much more.

  • Migration & Qualification
  • Streamlined collection
  • Compliance & Security
  • Management & Governance
  • Scalable Storage

Analytics Solutions

We turn raw data into compelling and democratized data visualization, making it more engaging and resonant with your organization.

  • Customized Reports
  • Forecasts & Predictive Analytics
  • Dashboards
  • Data modeling
  • Self-service BI

AI Landing Zone

Collect all things AI in a secure, efficient, compliant AI Landing Zone and democratize AI in your organization.

  • AI Applications
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Cost-Efficient Scaling
  • ML Model development  ​
  • Secure AI Governance
  • RAG Architecture


See our case studies to learn how our data, analytics, and AI solutions can improve business.

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“When we were in a time crunch and in dire need of a new platform, Redeploy’s solution-oriented approach and Azure expertise came in clutch. We are so pleased with their level of service, knowledge, and kindness, and we can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support and efforts.”
— Jennie Hällberg
Service Manager Cloud, ALLEIMA

Meet the Insightful

Industry Veterans with Certified Expertise

Our Microsoft and AWS certifications are more than badges; they're a testament to our expertise and customers' trust in us.

From Vision to Insight – we cover the entire spectrum.

Harness the collective expertise of Redeploy for industry-leading cloud, data, and AI solutions. We're an ecosystem of top-tier talent, delivering end-to-end solutions to businesses of all sizes in the Nordic market.

Cloud, Data & AI Advisory

With management advisory, Redeploy Vision integrates cloud agility, data strategy, and AI innovation to power intelligent, forward-thinking decisions.

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Redeploy Build engineers custom cloud solutions that perform. From Cloud Platforms to AI solutions, we ensure reliability and expertise on Azure and AWS.

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Ready-to-Run Platforms & OPERATIONS

Redeploy Run offers more than automation; we provide 24/7 cloud operations that scale with your needs, ensuring innovation is never on pause.

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Data, Analytics, & AI SOLUTIONS

Redeploy Insight fosters data-driven organizations with seamless and intelligent data management, visualized and actionable insights, and AI enablement.