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A company culture centered around collaboration, innovation, and shared pride in doing great work

Work and have fun with the best people in the cloud business! Never again will you feel alone when trying to promote automation, DevOps and serverless architecture. This is our standard state of mind and what we all work for. We embrace the cloud and doing things the modern way. Will you join us in our pursuit and leaving the legacy behind?

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Your chance to engage and learn from the best in the cloud business and develop industry-ready skills for the Microsoft Azure Platform.

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Rooted in a long history of collaboration and a need for change

Before the inception of Redeploy, founders Jonas Erikson and Risto Lavett had a long history of working together in the IT industry. They noticed a change in the market and how IT was consumed, bought and operated from customers. After some homework they realized no one was offering the necessary level of competence and services. The mission was clear and on a cold winter night in February of 2015, Redeploy was born.

In (a) great company

We believe that you can kick your feet up and still buckle down. If you want to be challenged without sacrificing work-life balance, contact us today.

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