Transforming Qapital's SaaS Operations with AWS EKS


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Qapital, a prominent company in financial services, faced challenges with its Hashicorp-based SaaS operations. Seeking to enhance efficiency and reduce maintenance demands, Qapital initiated a project to transition to a more manageable service. Redeploy, already an integral part of their infrastructure team, led this strategic shift, focusing on a solution that would streamline operations and maintain cost-effectiveness.

In Brief:

  • Qapital faced increasing operational challenges with their existing Hashicorp-based production workload.
  • Our Redeploy Run Team provided expert consultation, steering Qapital towards a robust AWS solution.
  • The transition to AWS EKS resulted in improved operational efficiency, enhanced security, and cost optimization for Qapital.

The Challenge: Addressing Qapital's SaaS Operational Hurdles

Qapital encountered growing operational difficulties with their Hashicorp stack (Nomad, Consul, and Vault). Version updates increasingly led to bugs, burdening the operations team with time-consuming fixes. The urgency to find a managed service solution that could run their services more efficiently and cost-effectively became paramount. This transition included learning a new application and converting existing Java services to container-based solutions for seamless integration with the new system.

"We realized a change was needed to manage our services more efficiently. Redeploy Run's expertise in AWS was vital in this complex shift to ensure not only operational excellence but also cost-effectiveness and security. But it wasn't just their expertise that made the difference – it was the synergy and collaborative spirit created between Redeploy and our internal IT infrastructure/Ops team."

– Anders Blockmar, CTO at Qapital

The Solution: Leveraging AWS EKS

Our team of AWS Specialists stepped in to assist Qapital's internal IT infrastructure/Ops Team in evaluating new potential solutions, focusing on understanding and documenting the business requirements. After narrowing down the options to AWS ECS and AWS EKS, we conducted a proof of concept for both, providing expert advice on the best fit for Qapital's needs. Our chosen solution came to be centered around AWS EKS, leveraging its strengths in security and operational excellence and improved developer experience. This approach ensured that Qapital's requirements for enhanced security and operational efficiency were met while also providing a seamless developer experience.

Results: Streamlined Operations and Time Savings

The migration to AWS EKS led to significant operational improvements for Qapital. It resulted in a 2-3 hour reduction in operational time per maintenance window, which could extend to 5-6 hours for more extensive updates. Developers gained the ability to deploy services locally on Kubernetes, accelerating the testing of new features. This shift not only bolstered security with advanced network policies and hardened node images but also optimized costs.  

We continue to assist Qapital in evolving its cloud environment, focusing on cost optimization and cloud security, cementing a great collaboration together with their internal IT infrastructure/Ops team, and our role as a key player in their ongoing cloud journey.