Azure Platform
as a Service

Accelerate the delivery of your applications and automate infrastructure operations with Azure platform as a Service. IT wins. Developers win. We all win.

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Reduce Overhead & Time to Market

We handle shared infrastructure, integrations, and platform security, allowing you to focus on business value. Enjoy less work, quick market entry, and a healthier bottom line. Get ready to do more with less.

Empower Developers with Landing Zones

An efficient and standardized delivery with the features and support you need means developers can focus on problem-solving and innovation. We handle the tech intricacies.

Secure & Compliant By Design

Experience a secure, compliant, and reliable cloud platform with built-in protection and high availability in today's 24/7 digital world, without compromising user experience.

Kubernetes Service Provider Certificate
Fortinet Select Partner Certificate
Microsoft Azure Specialist Certificate for Security
Microsoft Azure Specialist Certificate for Infrastructure
Microsoft Azure Specialist Certificate for Digital and App Innovation
Microsoft Azure Specialist Certificate for Data and AI

Scalable & Modular Azure Best Practices

Redeploy uses leading benchmarks, including the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. With a focus on utilizing proven guidance and best practices that help you confidently adopt the cloud and achieve desired business outcomes, we offer assistance for each phase of your adoption journey.

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“When we were in a time crunch and in dire need of a new platform, Redeploy’s solution-oriented approach and Azure expertise came in clutch. We are so pleased with their level of service, knowledge, and kindness, and we can’t thank them enough for their ongoing support and efforts.”
Jennie Hällberg
Service Manager Cloud, Alleima

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do organizations need Azure Platform as a Service?

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Organizations need Azure Platform as a Service to automate their infrastructure operations efficiently, reduce overheads, and hasten the delivery of applications. The service provides the crucial benefit of security by adhering to stringent governance and best practices, mitigating data and compliance risks. This empowers businesses to focus more on their core functions and innovation, leaving the intricacies of managing complex infrastructure to Redeploy.

Why should I go for an already-developed Azure platform instead of developing my own?

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Opting for an already-developed Azure platform like ours allows you to benefit from the expertise and experience of industry veterans. You get access to pre-built features, reusable components, and best practices for Azure deployment that can significantly reduce your development time and associated costs. It also frees up your team to focus more on innovation and core functions instead of handling complex tech intricacies and infrastructure operations.

Do I lose access to my Azure environment with Azure Platform as a Service?

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No, you do not lose access to your Azure environment with Azure Platform as a Service. In fact, the service enhances your self-service capabilities, empowering your development teams to work more independently and efficiently. While Redeploy handles the tech intricacies and complex infrastructure, you maintain control over your applications and services within the Azure environment.

How fast can I get my Azure Platform as a Service?

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The timeframe to set up your Azure Platform as a Service with Redeploy can vary depending on your specific needs and requirements. However, one of the major advantages of the service is the speed at which it allows you to enter the market, thanks to its pre-built features, reusable components, and efficient, standardized paths.

Redeploy is Built for Robust Growth

A team of industry veterans with unparalleled infrastructure knowledge saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it.

Today, Redeploy has an experienced team that has cemented themselves as leading specialists in Microsoft Azure competence. With dedicated personnel hard at work around the clock across multiple time zones, Redeploy serves a growing global audience as a market leader for all things Azure.