The World of Redeploy Insight Emerges as Redeploy and Reinsight Unify



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April 15, 2024

Redeploy and Data+AI specialists Reinsight unify to establish Redeploy Insight, a new business area that enhances client data, analytics, and AI capabilities. This union marks an evolution of Redeploy’s ecosystem of Cloud, Data, and AI Specialists, fortifying the position at the forefront in the Nordic Market.

Daniel Levin, co-founder and former CEO of Reinsight, now leads Redeploy Insight, bringing with him a wealth of experience with a clear vision: to foster data-driven organizations.  

– As soon as we started collaborating with Redeploy a couple of years back, we quickly realized how well our competencies and offers matched. This has been the cornerstone of our decision to first become a part of the Redeploy Group and now consolidate our strengths and solutions under a unified brand. Together, we will strengthen our commitment to fostering data-driven organizations, accelerating innovation, and sharpening the competitive advantage of our portfolio of Nordic clients, asserts Levin.

Modern Data Platforms and Data Storytelling

With their renowned Modern Data Platform product and expertise, Redeploy Insight aids businesses in seamlessly handling large amounts of data of any format, structure, or size in real-time, as well as securing it, and complying with regulations. Utilizing frameworks like Cloud-scale analytics, their approach emphasizes treating data as a product, fostering a governance-focused ecosystem, and prioritizing business outcomes over technology.  

In addition, they offer a suite of Business Intelligence tools, specialist knowledge, and analytics solutions, empowering your organization to extract actionable insights from vast datasets, transforming complex data into compelling visual narratives that resonate with your team and drive informed decision-making.

Jimmy Carlsten, Business Solutions Lead at Redeploy Insight, plays a pivotal role in the organizational transformation journey that begins with the implementation of a modern data platform.

– To fully leverage the advantages of modern data management, it's essential to challenge the traditional methods within the organization. Our implementation process is laser-focused on identifying bottlenecks, enhancing efficiency, and exploring innovative, data-driven approaches to work smarter, not harder. The outcomes of this journey include genuine business agility, operational and cost-efficiency improvements, and data democratization, Carlsten shares.

Enabling and Democratizing AI

With a team's expertise spanning multiple platforms and services and a proven track record in deploying Machine Learning solutions and AI strategies, Redeploy Insight is well-positioned to enable AI innovation. Their AI Landing Zones serve as a secure, efficient, and compliant space for organizations to harness the full potential of AI across their operations, further enhancing Redeploy's end-to-end AI customer journey.  

Luis Lyberg, a cloud and AI advisory veteran and co-founder of Reinsight, is leading Redeploy's cross-departmental AI team. He emphasizes Redeploy Insight's pivotal role in advancing the company’s AI Core Competency.

– Our suite of data and analytics solutions is essential to modern data management poised for AI adoption, and the AI landing zone is a true enabler, handling the intricacies of safety, compliance, and efficiency of AI Innovation. Redeploy Insight will come in early in any end-to-end AI Journey, asserts Lyberg.

Upgrading the Redeploy Ecosystem

Redeploy Insight is the latest component of Redeploy's strategy to consolidate its position as a leading cloud, data, and AI specialist in the Nordic Market. Whether through Redeploy Vision, Build, Run, or Insight, clients are primed for success end-to-end.  

Lars Linderoth, CEO of Redeploy, reflects on the launch of Redeploy Insight and its role within the Group:

– With the launch of Redeploy Insight, we have united all our competencies in one brand, upgraded our end-to-end capabilities, and laid the foundation to level up, remarks Linderoth.

The Redeploy Insight sub-brand embodies smooth shapes, a light theme, and a zoomed-in perspective.

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Footnote: Reinsight AB will continue to exist legally for the foreseeable future.

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Christoffer Persson