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December 15, 2023

We proudly introduce Redeploy Run, our new business area dedicated to platform engineering and operations. This new business area aims to free businesses from operational and infrastructural complexities to power up and retain developers and speed up the delivery of applications and business value while fast-tracking cloud adoption.

Lars Åkerlund, serving as the Product Area Lead, brings a comprehensive consulting and cloud solution design background. His role encompasses overseeing the product vision and developing a broad portfolio of platforms serving diverse use cases.

– Redeploy Run is set to become a leader in managed services, bridging the gap between workload and hyperscalers. Our Ready-to-Run solutions are more than just technology; they're a catalyst for innovation and empowerment for developers, Lars shares.  

The Ready-to-Run Approach

Redeploy Run's 'Ready-to-Run' platform products, including Technology Landing Zones and Industry Cloud Platforms, are crafted to assist IT departments in establishing and managing infrastructure and governance with ease. These platforms are equipped with self-service options, policies, tools, processes to minimize IT department involvement and allow employees to use appropriate technology for each specific function. The platform products can be tailored to industry standards and customized for diverse use cases.

Tobias Grundström, the Operations Lead, focuses on managing the seamless and robust operations of the platforms. His extensive experience in cloud architecture and information security is pivotal in ensuring 24/7 environment monitoring, cloud expense optimization, and advanced security measures.

– Our operations team is dedicated to continuous innovation, adapting to customer needs, and swiftly validating our performances. Our goal is to manage and operate infrastructure services effectively and securely, ensuring seamless business operations, states Tobias.

With the Ready-to-Run approach, businesses are poised to adopt a product management culture, encouraging routine collaboration between platform engineers and end-users. This collaboration is crucial as we move toward enhanced resilience and autonomous operations, fostering a culture of innovation and feedback.

Run's Role Within the Redeploy Group  

Looking ahead, with data continuing to dominate and cloud and AI technologies becoming essential in infrastructure management, our Redeploy Vision concept, unveiled earlier this year, is set to fuel innovation and shape the solutions of tomorrow. Redeploy Run is a vital partner in this journey, ready to meet the industry's evolving demands and enable organizations to adopt cloud technologies while focusing on high-value tasks efficiently.

Lars Linderoth, CEO of Redeploy, reflects on the addition of Redeploy Run to the Group:

"With the launch of Redeploy Run, we're expanding our offerings and solidifying the Redeploy Group's role as a leading Nordic provider of comprehensive cloud solutions. From strategic planning to implementing secure, reliable, and cost-effective operations, we are dedicated to powering the technologies of the future."

With Redeploy Run, we're not just launching a new business area; we're setting a new standard in managed services and infusing our brand with fresh, dynamic energy. It's a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation. But this is just the start — stay tuned.

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Christoffer Persson