Unveiling Redeploy Vision – Strategy Consulting that leverages the power of Data, Cloud, and AI.



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October 30, 2023

We are expanding our service areas by introducing Redeploy Vision, a new initiative consolidating our experience in cloud computing, data, AI, and analytics with pragmatic strategy consulting.

At the heart of this initiative is Jonas Sköld, who brings his experience from various managerial and advisory roles within data, AI, and cloud at companies such as Forefront, Solita, and Valtech.

– Vision is all about making the ever-changing complex data tech landscape manageable and operational. It's here to provide organizations with capabilities to proactively tackle challenges when accelerating cloud adoption. And the name 'Redeploy' signifies the push businesses must make towards today's tech, Jonas explains.

Many businesses already adopting cloud technologies are bound by legacy thinking and outdated operational models. Jonas underscores this challenge, particularly in sectors like finance and life sciences, which handle large amounts of sensitive data. These industries require stringent data management practices for regulatory compliance and gaining a competitive edge. This can be exemplified by the most anticipated technology, Generative AI. Research shows that besides integrating it into the business, data management will be the main differentiator in the ability to adapt.

– It's a strategic labyrinth, where CIOs often find themselves at cross-purposes with securing, complying, operating the IT infrastructure, and aligning with broader organizational objectives. That's where Redeploy Vision steps in, says Jonas.

Vision is set to pinpoint and clear roadblocks, streamline processes, make the most of cloud tech, and ensure that tech and data become part of business operations. This way, everyone moves towards the same target.

Vision’s Role Within the Redeploy Group

Vision will bolster the collaboration within the Redeploy Group, joining forces with Evolate and Reinsight. The aim is clear: eliminate what’s holding companies back from maximizing cloud technology and turn our strategies into tools that everyone can use, spanning cloud, data, analytics, and AI.

– With changing regulations and market trends, flexible multi-cloud setups are becoming essential. We aim to help businesses navigate these changes, crafting plans that work well across different platforms and providers and organizations., Jonas adds.

Lars Linderoth, CEO of Redeploy, reflects on the addition of Redeploy Vision to the Group:  

"The introduction of Vision amplifies Redeploy's holistic approach — spanning strategy, infrastructure, insights, and operations. Bringing aboard talent like Jonas Sköld is a testament to the quality and ambition of our strategy consulting business"

With its launch, Redeploy Vision starts with a fresh, exciting look. It's more than a new business area; it's our next big step forward.

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Christoffer Persson