Redeploy’s Top Picks from Microsoft Build 2023



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May 24, 2023

As your trusted Azure Specialists, we at Redeploy have dissected the recent conference and are delighted to share with you our top selections. The array of announcements and unveilings made it a gala of technology, and we've handpicked six highlights that epitomize the forward momentum in Azure's journey.

Building and Expanding Copilot(s): A Dawn of AI Apps Ecosystem

Our first top pick is the fresh framework Microsoft presented for building AI apps and Copilots, which adds a new dimension to the AI plugin ecosystem. This exciting development fuels the promise of AI, enabling it to become an integral partner in our daily lives and workspaces.

Microsoft outlined an AI development framework to help developers build their own copilot—graphic courtesy of Microsoft.

Microsoft Fabric: The Holy Trinity of Data

Microsoft Fabric has made our list for uniting Data Factory, Synapse, and PowerBI into one potent package. It's a data analytics platform that is much more than the sum of its parts. This dynamic group of metrics monitoring and data visualization is more or less the golden standard for collecting and visualising metrics for cloud-native workloads. It's now even easier to tap into the power of these popular open-source tools on Azure.

Managed Prometheus + Grafana: Power Duo Now in General Availability

The Azure Observability team announced that the Managed Prometheus and Grafana service is now Generally Available. This dynamic duo in the world of metrics monitoring and data visualization is sure to streamline the monitoring and visualization processes for enterprises. It's now even easier to tap into the power of these popular open-source tools on Azure.

Confidential Computing: A Preview into the Future of Azure Security

The new Confidential Computing feature, now in preview, has made it onto our list as it underlines Microsoft's commitment to data security. Extending to multiple Azure services, this announcement signifies the dawn of a new era where sensitive data can be processed in the cloud without compromising privacy or security.

Confidential computing in use. Graphic courtesy of Microsoft.

Azure Deployment Environments: Platform Engineering Straight into Azure

Azure has announced that the Azure Deployment Environments is now Generally Available, weaving platform engineering directly into the Azure ecosystem. With the promise of soon-to-arrive Terraform support, this new service should bring a wave of efficiency and automation to your DevOps pipelines.

Azure API Center: Discover and Govern APIs like Never Before

The new Azure API Center has captured our attention as it provides a centralized hub for API discovery and governance. This platform promises to drive better control, transparency, and efficiency, marking a significant leap forward in API management.

In conclusion

The conference was an exciting peek into the future of Azure technology, presenting an expansive tableau of upcoming features and developments that will reshape how we interact with data, work with AI, and approach cloud security.

Written by

Lars Åkerlund