Redeploying the Redeploy Brand



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September 26, 2022

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that we have been working on behind the scenes for quite some time. We can now proudly present our new and improved brand and an excellent website to go with it.

– We've pretty much been having the same graphic profile and website since we started in 2015. Since then, a lot has happened with the company and team, so we needed a brand and communication that reflects our current ambitions and ideas, says Risto Lavett, Co-Founder of Redeploy

We wanted a graphic profile emphasizing that we are personal, creative, hardworking, and competent while visualizing that we are not a run-of-the-mill company that wears suits and presents PowerPoints. Since we've been working with Matilda Aistre before and know what she can do, she was our first pick to design our thoughts.

– One thing that popped up during the first design brief was that they wanted to mix in more "internet culture" in the design, one suggestion was to include memes in the brand. When I sent the first website draft, the feedback I received was that it looked great but that it was too corporate and there wasn't enough "sjörövare" (essentially "pirate spirit") present. I don't think I've ever had that feedback from a client before, and I loved it, says Matilda Aistre, UX/UI Designer at Studio Lye.

To capture the company's playful internet culture on the website, Matilda incorporated cheeky pixel icons and added various pixel elements as a staple for backgrounds and decorative elements to break up sections and make them more fun and fluid.

– This is us: no suits, stock photos, or filters. We deliver what we promise with a smile on our faces and hopefully yours. The pixel elements and emojis are this mix's secret sauce, and we love it! Our heads are already spinning on how to innovate on this, Risto fills in.

We’re growing, and it’s showing, and we’re beyond happy with the results, a big shoutout to Matilda for a fruitful collaboration. Now, back to work on the ever-accelerating Redeploy rocket!

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Risto Lavett