Redeploy Partners with BTH to bridge the Academia-Industry gap for Software Engineering



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May 28, 2024

Redeploy's collaboration with Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH) in the 'Software Engineering ReThought (SERT)' project aims to revolutionize software engineering by integrating expertise from diverse disciplines to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The project serves to offer solutions for real-world challenges by collaborations with industry giants like Ericsson, PostNord, Sony, and Spotify.

Jimmy Carlsten, Research Collaboration Lead, is giving his thoughts on this project:

– Through SERT, Redeploy and BTH combine years of experience in cloud, data, and AI with research in software engineering to create a channel of exchange between research and industry practice. Our partnership with BTH is a vital component to ensure we as a business stay cutting-edge, says Carlsten.

Ehsan Zabardast, BTH Collaboration Lead.

Ehsan Zabardast, acting as the bridge between Redeploy and BTH, highlights his role in the collaboration:

– As a part-time Management Consultant at Redeploy and part-time Senior Researcher at BTH, I facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two entities and conduct research on various topics such as the current research on Asset Management and Product Ownership with PostNord, says Zabardast.

Continuous Everything is one of the key areas of focus within the SERT project. While most have heard of CI/CD as an approach to continuous and streamlined software deliveries, achieving its full potential requires continuous product planning, management, design, engineering/development, integration, testing, and delivery.

Eriks Klotins, assistant professor at BTH, highlights the significance of continuous engineering in today's complex landscape.  

– Companies want to develop more features and faster, meanwhile organizational structures and regulatory landscape become more complex. The project offers an overview and ongoing research into sensible and evidence-based automation and continuous activities, identifying bottlenecks and fitting the continuous concept into various domains, contexts, and organizations. To get the potential, the entire company must contribute, says Klotins.

Eriks Klotins on stage talking about Continuous Everything.

Currently, our team and BTH are conducting a research project in collaboration with PostNord’s Advanced Analytics and Automations department, focusing on asset management and product ownership. They are also exploring a new initiative on Automated Regulatory Compliance with PhD student Oleksandr Kosenkov, addressing challenges in requirements and system specification for GDPR compliance

Kosenkov elaborates on the importance of compliance in software products and services:

– Implementation of GDPR compliance in software products and services necessitates sophisticated requirement engineering methods. These methods should, among other things, facilitate the solution specification that aligns with GDPR regulations. In practical terms, navigating the GDPR text and comprehensively addressing all challenges during system specification can be daunting, says Kosenkov

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