Redeploy Opens a New Office in Göteborg



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March 16, 2023

Göteborg and the surrounding areas are home to 1,7 million people, and we are excited to join them all this year as we move into our brand-new offices.

There are a ton of great companies and brilliant people in this part of the country, making it the perfect place for Redeploy. The best part? We will be the first company in the area exclusively working with Azure, which means that we will be bringing much-needed resources, knowledge, and know-how to an area that will greatly benefit from it.

“We are thrilled to set up shop in Göteborg as it will allow us to serve several existing clients that have offices in the area and make new connections in such a thriving and forward-thinking part of the country. Some of Sweden’s largest corporations are located here, and there is a very innovative tech scene that we are excited to be a part of as well. The fact that I was born and raised in Göteborg and naturally worked at Volvo for a bit makes me a little extra excited about this,” says Lars Linderoth, CEO at Redeploy.

Overseeing the new office will be branch manager Emil Ehrs, and he will be tasked with ensuring that the local team lives up to the fine national reputation that Redeploy has earned over the years. With skilled Azure consultants, a strong company culture, and a collective growth mindset, that shouldn’t be too hard.

“I look forward to creating a positive environment that will allow my fellow coworkers to settle in before scaling and soaring to new heights. We will build a close-knit community filled with top-notch consultants and good people, and I can’t wait to be a part of it all,” says Emil Ehrs, Branch Manager of the new office.  

With the opening of the new office comes the search for talent and additional coworkers. With Göteborg being a large city with several universities and many knowledgeable folks from the industry in the area, the Redeploy team looks forward to connecting with the local community and attracting the best tech talent in town for their continued growth.


What? New office in Göteborg.

Where? Friggagatan 3A, 41101 Göteborg.

Why? To serve our clients and attract new coworkers.

Written by

Risto Lavett