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November 10, 2020

Today we are proud to present our new Chief Information Security Officer, Tobias Keitsch. In this role, Tobias will guide and assist our customers in information security related matters. He will also lead our internal competence development and making sure that we stay secure on the journey we have ahead of us.

“Information security is of utmost importance to us and to our clients, and in public cloud environments we can never neglect this topic. I am confident that Tobias, with his passion and deep insight in secure technology and public cloud, will add tremendous value and stability both internally and to our customers”, says Lars Linderoth, CEO of Redeploy.

Tobias has a solid competence base with a university education in computer networking, multiple Azure certifications and countless successful customer projects.

"The challenge, and what is really exiting about this role, is that I will help both our customers and my colleagues at Redeploy to build even more secure solutions by design" says Tobias Keitsch, CISO at Redeploy.

Tobias Keitsch

Tobias’ genuine interest and long experience from this field has given him insight in that security is not just a technological challenge, it is a mindset.

"Many times we see that functionality and time are prioritized over making robust and safe systems from the beginning. Handling security this way often leads to large redesigns and thereby delays, or even worse – that unsecure solutions is put into production. In my way of work, privacy and security are things I think of in every decision I make, this is a mindset that I want to keep spreading", says Tobias.

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For more information, please contact:
Lars Linderoth, CEO – e-mail, LinkedIn, 076-393 63 33
Tobias Keitsch, CISO – e-mail, LinkedIn, 076-317 73 29

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