New Head of Development: Karl Wallenius



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November 25, 2022

We are thrilled to continue to build strength from within and appoint Karl Wallenius as our new Head of Development. The role, which requires unique knowledge of cloud environments and different programming and script languages, is well-suited for Kalle. Writing smart code while thinking like a developer is becoming increasingly important, and that is why we are excited to now have a new Head of Development with the right tool kit and insights.      

“Kalle is an experienced developer and the first person we initially hired at Redeploy. It’s wonderful to be able to promote from within and give hard-working and intelligent team members opportunities for continued growth right here at Redeploy. Kalle has a track record of not only delivering quality work but he has a unique ability to share his knowledge in ways that are both easily implementable and scalable. In this new role, he will be able to mentor his colleagues, which is another thing we are excited about,” says Lars Linderoth, CEO.  

With the explosive growth that Redeploy is experiencing, building out the teams that work with development and automation has become essential. With the expansion comes a new need for ownership and leadership as well, which is something that Kalle is excited to take.  

“I am looking forward to perfecting our workflows, ensuring that we continue to develop quality work, and helping my fellow team members perform well in their respective roles,” says Kalle Wallenius, newly appointed Head of Development.  

First on his to-do list? Plan, structure, and initiate the development of a new, super cool, Azure solution we will soon release. Stay tuned!  

Good luck, Kalle!

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Lars Linderoth