Introducing Jenny Visén: Redeploy's New Consultant Manager for Stockholm



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September 8, 2023

In our constant endeavor to enhance our team with unparalleled expertise, we're thrilled to announce the newest member of our family – Jenny Visén. As the Consultant Manager for our Stockholm location, Jenny brings a wealth of experience and vision to lead, inspire, and drive excellence.

She will work with sales, group development, and coaching to foster a vibrant ecosystem of growth and collaboration and ultimately provide maximum value to our consultants and esteemed clients in her new role.

“Jenny's remarkable skills in coaching and structuring organizations make her a truly inspiring leader and an authentic role model. She has an innate ability to recognize and value every individual, acknowledging both their personal and professional strengths. Leading with her heart, Jenny excels at creating and guiding teams that not only thrive but also consistently outperform expectations.", says Lars Linderoth, CEO at Redeploy.

Jenny's affair with the consulting world began a decade ago. Her initial years were marked by her role as a consultant specializing in test and quality assurance. This journey continued with her transition into the role of a test leader. Over the years, she seamlessly transitioned into a consultant manager role while also dabbling in sales. Throughout her career, Jenny's association has been deeply rooted in the IT sector of the consulting industry.

“Redeploy is an exhilarating enterprise brimming with zeal, foresight, and highly proficient colleagues. We are undoubtedly the best at what we do, and being a part of this is enticing. Moreover, having previously collaborated with Lars, I always harbored the sentiment of working together again. The time is now, says Jenny Visén.

We are beyond pleased to have Jenny aboard, and we're certain her contributions will be invaluable and contribute to the anticipated success of Redeploy.

Written by

Risto Lavett