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September 21, 2023

If you're passionate about Go (also informally called Golang) and looking for a robust and speedy way to jumpstart your projects, you're in for a treat. The repository 'go-template' contains foundational boilerplate code that will improve your Go development experience.

What’s Inside the go-template?

At its core, the go-template repository provides foundational building blocks that every Go developer needs:

  • GitHub Workflows: No more scratching your head about how to set up your CI/CD pipeline. With pre-configured workflows, you can automate your build and test processes immediately.
  • Dockerfiles: If you're into containerization (and in today's dev world, who isn't?), the provided Dockerfiles are a lifesaver. Quickly build and deploy your Go applications in isolated containers.
  • Scripts Galore: Have you ever found yourself wasting precious time writing scripts to build or release your projects? Or perhaps you've faced the common challenge of managing dependencies in private repositories? The go-template has you covered with a suite of scripts tailored for these tasks.

Branch Out with Foundations

What makes 'go-template' especially exciting is its additional branches catering to specific application needs:

  • Server: Want to whip up a basic server? This branch sets the foundation for you.
  • HTTP-Server: If your project leans towards developing an HTTP server, there's a branch ready to streamline that for you.
  • Service: For those looking to develop backend services or microservices in Go, the 'service' branch offers the foundational code to begin with.

Dive Deeper with README

The repository's README is not just a mere introduction. It's a comprehensive guide offering deeper insights into these components. Each branch also boasts its version of README, ensuring you're never lost, no matter how specific or broad your requirements are.

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Karl Wallenius