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December 30, 2021

We had another record-breaking year in terms of projects, clients and results. In fact, it was the best year in the company's history. This is despite the pandemic that is affecting businesses and society as a whole. It proves yet again that cloud-first strategy is on top of businesses agenda and that moving to the cloud is a must-priority for companies wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

The year continued, as for many other businesses, remote. Even though we’re used to the modern way of working we, like everyone else, could see an increase in online meetings and remote collaborations.

“Working remotely with clients has in the majority of cases been a positive change, increasing effectiveness whilst promoting an agile way of working” says Risto Lavett, Co-Founder of Redeploy.

As the year progressed, we grew our customer base. New clients and projects include Stena, Boliden, Dustin, Byggmax and ICA to mention a few. As a result of companies getting more and more cloud mature, we could see a higher demand of organizations wanting to modernize and automate their IT landscape, meaning we’ve had lots of projects to integrate, secure and turn manual work into code.

One of many highlights of the year was when we helped Jetshop, the largest ecommerce-centric SaaS company in the Nordics, to migrate their whole operation from their traditional IT infrastructure to be fully integrated in the cloud and Microsoft Azure with services like Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

“This project shows that when you have a well refined team together with the supplier and customer, and with clear tasks for everyone involved, anything is possible, even with a tight deadline and ambitions set high” says Risto.

Redeploy also expanded with a new office in Jönköping and experienced a steady growth of talent in the south of Sweden. At the same time, we started working with colleagues in countries such as Poland, Lithuania and the UK.

The company was also awarded “Gasellföretag” by Dagens Industri and “Superföretag” by Dun & Bradstreet.

“Our employees are our most important assets and we have been fortunate to recruit a lot of stars this year,” says Risto. “Being awarded both Gasellföretag and Superföretag in the same year is just the icing on the cake.”

A late addition in the year to the Redeploy family was the sister company Evolate led by Lars Hasselrot which is set out to support companies with the cloud journey on Amazon (AWS) cloud solutions.

When asked about the outlook for 2022 Risto says “we’re going to focus even more on new talent with our talent program. We also aim to bring in more people from outside of Sweden. We will continue to develop our services, focusing on increasing speed and quality, with bleeding edge tech. Being in the forefront and always challenge and push our customers is also key.

Furthermore, we will strengthen our partnership with Microsoft by working closely with them in customer projects and programs.

"I can’t emphasize enough how proud I am of the team and all the hard work everyone has put in during the year. These efforts are a springboard into 2022, as we steer the Redeploy rocket into the stratosphere.”

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Risto Lavett, Co Founder.
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