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We worked closely with the exciting startup LiveArena Technologies, a young company that is a prominent player in the automated live broadcast production space, to build and operate a globally scalable Azure infrastructure and Kubernetes platform for their multi-tenant and private SaaS, AI Producer.

In brief

  • Production-grade scalable infrastructure and Kubernetes platform from day 0
  • CloudOps for a global scale SaaS
  • Just-in-time scaling of AI resources for optimized cost management

The Challenge – Scalable infrastructure for a global SaaS

LiveArena were in the early stages of developing their SaaS application, AI Producer, which lets its users create an automated and professional live broadcast with just a few clicks. They planned to get a fast global reach by releasing their application on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace but needed cloud infrastructure supporting their plan and enabling future growth and international expansion.  

Like every global service, LiveArena faced challenges with scalability, and when time-to-market is a critical factor, partnering with an established player like Redeploy became an obvious choice. The foundation of the partnership was built on us being able to support LiveArena from the very first steps to the future operations, leaving them to focus on developing their application solely.

The Solution – Just-in-time capacity and scalable infrastructure with Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

After careful consideration and evaluation, we decided to host AI Producer on Azure Kubernetes Service, which enables LiveArena to scale on-demand, such as provisioning just-in-time resources ahead of expected and unexpected usage as well as removing unutilized resources. Thanks to capacity in Azure being billed for every provisioned second, this capability also provides best-in-class cost efficiency and gives LiveArena a competitive advantage.  

For global reach, we helped get AI Producer published on Microsoft AppSource and make it available for everyone using Microsoft Teams. For Enterprise customers, AI Producer is available on Azure Marketplace as a private and managed SaaS offering built and operated by Redeploy.

While this service is currently hosted in European Azure regions, the infrastructure is already designed and built for further regional expansion and scalability. As the development of AI Producer and the regional growth continues, we will continue the partnerships and work closely with the brilliant developers at LiveArena and Microsoft’s brightest Cloud Solutions Architects to provide the best experience for the users wherever they are in the world.

"We asked Microsoft whom we should turn to when it came to hosting our solution in Azure and building up our infrastructure, and they recommended Redeploy. They helped us build up our infrastructure and are now an important partner when it comes to the operations of our business.”

– Andreas Björkman, CTO at LiveArena

Thankfully, we are still in touch with brands like LiveArena. Working with a startup allows us to go back to our roots, and it keeps us on our toes – it’s fast-moving and has lots of action and less red tape. We love this type of challenge and vouch to keep this part of our identity as long as it’s humanly possible.